Why Nike Is The Best Shoe For Getting Laid

Shoes are one of the things that people judge others on, especially potential sexual and romantic partners. New data shows that if you want to get laid, Nike is the best shoe you can wear.

I love shoes. My friends know that I have at least 100 pairs, ranging from low-to-high tops to casual-to-athletic-to-dressy dress shoes. The only reason I rarely wear them around the house is because I am always breaking or losing them (I’ve thrown away over a hundred pairs) and I don’t have the energy to replace them.

But the reason that I have so many shoes is because of the shoes that I’ve owned, or the pair that I’ve worn on the occasions that I really wanted to get laid.

Why Nike Shoes Are So Sexually Attractive

There are a number of reasons that wearing Nike shoes gets you laid, but the fact that they make your feet look so good (and therefore your legs) is most of the reason that it works.

The thing is that there are only a couple of ways that I know how to get laid. I’ve tried other methods that didn’t work as well, and even though the odds are good that you’ll get laid wearing anything, Nike gets better odds than most things that you might wear, or anything else that you might wear.

The data proves Nikes are very sexy too. Just take a look at the top users on any hookup app like Sexbook. You’ll find Nike to be the most popular shoe among users who are getting laid the most.

Why Is It Sexier To Wear Sneakers Than Dress Shoes?

The best shoes to wear when you want to get laid are sneakers. Sneakers do a better job of enhancing your leg and foot curves than any type of shoe. Dress shoes just don’t make you look as good. That’s the problem with the kind of shoes that you might wear for work — they just don’t make you look good enough to get laid.

Sexiest Nike Shoes

We’ve compiled a list of the best of the best Nike shoes below. These are the shoes that I’ve worn and have had the best success with.

Here are the sexiest Nike shoes for getting laid. They’re the kind of sneakers that a lot of women would be afraid to wear around the house, but they make your legs look amazing, and a lot of women think that’s good enough.

Nike Mercurial Superfly 6

This is one of the sexiest Nike sneakers I’ve ever seen. They have a great design, but they’re also the perfect height of sneakers for women. These have been my favorite sneakers since I was 12, and they’re the type of shoes that you don’t even have to wear to impress.

The shoes that I wore to high school prom were Nike Superfly 6s, and I’d often see girls walking around school wearing them. These are the kind of shoes that you can wear to school, a job, or a party, and that will get you laid.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35

These are the sexiest sneakers of all time. They’re the type of sneakers that you could wear to a prom or to work, and that would still get you laid. They’re also the kind of shoe that you could wear for almost any occasion.

They’re my favorite Nike sneakers that I own, and they were one of the first sneakers that I bought for myself. These are the kind of shoes that I’d wear in the summer, and that would get me laid more than almost anything else.

Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro Hyperfuse

These are the sexiest retro sneakers that are still on the market today. They’ve got the design that will make most women’s legs look great, and they’re not even particularly expensive (though they’re still among the most expensive sneakers in the world).

They’re the sexiest retro sneakers that Nike has created, and they’re still the best running shoe out there for women. These are the type of sneakers that you’ll get laid wearing if you wear them for more than just running.

Nike Air Max Daytona

These are my favorite casual-to-dress-up sneakers that I own. I don’t think they’re particularly sexy or sexy enough for women to wear out, but they’re still a great pair of shoes.

If you wear these to a work meeting, or if you wear them to a casual date, you’re going to get laid. The fact that these are casual sneakers will make you look even better to men that are looking for the most casual girlfriend.

Nike Air Max Flight 7.1

These are my sexiest running shoes. They’re the sexiest running shoes that Nike has ever created. They have a unique design that’s unlike anything that they’ve created before, and they’re the kind of shoe that you’ll wear on a casual date with the man that you want to get laid with.

Are Nikes Really That Sexy?

If you want to get laid, you’ll want to wear sneakers that fit you like a glove and that make you look great. What are the best shoe companies in the world? Nike. Nike has had the best sneakers for a long time, and the sexiest are still being created today.

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Nike Air Jordan Mid

The Nike Air Jordan line is one of Nike’s most iconic basketball shoes. Anyone that knows anything about Nike is familiar with the Air Jordan line. This revolutionary shoe made its debut in 1985 and continues to be one of the most popular Nike shoes.

Michael Jordan wore these shoes from the time he was a rookie right up until his first All-Star appearance. Together Nike and Michael Jordan have been a huge combination in the world of sports. This classic shoe has been given a makeover, but still consists of the same basis as the original model. The Nike Air Jordan will be a favorite for years to come.

Key Features of the Nike Air Jordan Mid:

Cut above the ankle mid height shoe

Stable lace closure

Optimum outsole rubber for traction and grip

Iconic swoosh logo on the lateral sides

Designed as a recreation and lifestyle universal trainer

Large range of modern and contemporary colors

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The 7 Best Nike Shoes To Buy in 2019

Nike is known all around the world for their unique, innovative athletic shoe designs. According to reviews, the following are the 7 best Nike shoes to buy in 2019.
Nike Air Presto

The Nike Air Presto is a feather light and futuristic shoe that creates the sensation of walking on a cloud. The breathable material used in the construction of this shoe allows your feet to breathe. The upper of the shoe is super stretchy, allowing for comfortable movement. Initially designed in the year 2000, it has come along way and is still favored by many people. It is an excellent shoe for running or merely wearing as a leisure shoe. This Nike model shoe is one of the lightest that Nike has to offer. However, it still provides safety and comfort for the person wearing it. This shoe is easy to pull on and easy to take off.

Key Features of the Nike Air Presto:

The foam midsole is featherweight
Breathable and adaptable stretch upper mesh
A perfect lightweight shoe for running
Also great for leisurewear
Stable traction with the rubber pods at the heel of the shoe
Heel pull tab for ease in putting on the shoes on and taking them off

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